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If you go on vacation to Curacao, you would not want to miss out on a trip to Klein Curacao. Allow yourself to do this in the best way possible. With our spectacular trips we'll bring you in all luxury and comfort, all inclusive to this beautiful, unspoilt, tropical paradise. Both during the trip and on the island itself you will have everything you need. You're on vacation, why settle for less?

Klein Curaçao is located at approximately 8 miles south of Curaçao and offers the whitest and longest beach in Curaçao. The surface is approximately 21.000 ft² and if you want you can walk around the island in an hour. The island is officially part of Curaçao. In the flag of Curaçao you see a large and a small star, the small star stands (you guessed it ...) for Klein Curaçao.

Ok, so far the facts, but now what it's really about! Klein Curaçao is exactly what you imagine as a tropical deserted island. A small paradise and a perfect place for a day trip during your vacation to Curacao.

In addition to relaxing, you can also undertake a couple of activities during a day on Klein Curaçao. Think of visiting the lighthouse or the stranded ship, scuba diving, snorkeling (looking for sea turtles!), a ride on the banana behind a jet ski, kite surfing or beach games such as beach tennis.

Everyone who has ever been to Klein Curaçao will have a photo of it, the lighthouse of Klein Curaçao. Undoubtedly once an important lighthouse for such a small island that you quickly overlook in the dark. Now it is a dilapidated but characteristic building on a deserted island. The lighthouse (officially the Prince Hendrick Tower) has been there since 1849 but is now only used as very popular photo material for the tourists on the small island.

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If you want to go and see the lighthouse, put on your slippers or shoes on the way to the tower, there will be prickly plants everywhere. You can enter the building but watch out, the structural condition is no longer solid.

The other attraction on Klein Curaçao is the shipwreck of the stranded seagoing ship. It is unclear how long the ship has been there, but it is probably around 50 years old now. Over the course of time the ship has completely perished, a large part has been swept away by the sea storms and what remains is completely rusted.

  • Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

  • Departure and arrival: Zanzibar, Jan Thiel.

  • From 08:00AM till 05:00PM.


Black and White | 75 feet long

  • Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

  • Departure and arrival: Jan Sofat.

  • From 07:00AM till 05:00PM.

Luxury Yacht

Serendipity | 100 feet long






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