Guided Wreck Diving

Back in 1977, the ship called Superior Producer was heading for Curacao, packed with Christmas presents to be sold on the island. When the crew casted out the lines to dock, the ship began to heel over. After several attempts getting the ship in its upright position, like throwing presents of board and tugboats trying to pull the ship up, the harbormaster decided to cease all rescue efforts. The crew was brought to safety and the harbor was left unharmed, but the Superior Producer and the Christmas presents sunk into the ocean. Nowadays this shipwreck is the most popular wreck dive site of Curacao and rightfully so!

The wreck is situated right in front of one of the cruise ship docks and is therefor only accessible when there are no cruise ships that day. We will take you there by boat and you will need to be at least an Advanced Open Water Diver because the wreck sits on a depth of a hundred feet.


Have one of our PADI professionals guide you through this amazing experience.

  • Every Tuesday

  • Available with:

       - Jan Thiel Diving | Livingstone

  • Click HERE for map.

  • Starts at:

       - 08:30AM

  • Included: tank and weights.

  • Optional: rental gear (full set: $32).





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