Guided Shore Diving

Curacao is well-known for it's many beautiful beaches which makes shore diving very easy and diverse. The underwater life is close to the shore and all the dive sites we offer have gorgeous reefs right on their doorsteps. All you have to do is gear-up, walk in to the surf and make your way to the drop-off. A big plus about shore diving is that it gradually gets deeper what might be more comfortable for less experienced divers.


Shore dives are possible along the whole southern coastline of Curacao.


You can choose to do one dive or two dives right after each other with a 45 minute break in between.

  • Seven days a week.

  • Available with:

       - Blue Bay | Blue Bay Resort

       - Blue Bay | Mambo Beach

       - Jan Thiel Diving | Livingstone

       - Coral Divers | Coral Estate

  • Click HERE for map.

  • Starts at:

       - 08:30AM

       - 10:30AM

       - 01:00PM

       - 03:00PM

  • Included: tank and weights.

  • Optional: rental gear (full set: $32).

1 Tank Guided Shore Dive

2 Tank Guided Shore Dive







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