Blue Room and Mushroom Forest | Scuba Dive Boat Trip Curacao

If you are a scuba diver familiar with Curacao, you have probably heard about the Blue Room. The Blue Room is a blue lit cavern that can be entered by swimming just below the surface for about ten seconds or by scuba diving at only 20 feet.


Inside the cavern you will be amazed by blue reflection of the sunlight in the water and of course everything that lives beneath the surface. Huge shoals of fish, lobsters and crabs have found their shelter here. This is surely a dive site you do not want to miss.

This trip consists out of three dive sites within two dives. The first one is the fairytale-like Mushroom Forest, after which you'll swim into the Blue Room. And the second dive site is the beautiful Pelican Beach, located next to the beach of Porto Mari with it's spectacular Double Reef.

It is also possible to visit the Blue Room and Mushroom Forest with the West Curacao Catamaran Trip which is suitable for both divers and snorkelers. Click HERE to go to this page .

  • Every Wednesday and Saturday

  • 08:30AM - 12:30PM

  • Included: tank and weights.

  • Optional: rental gear (full set: €28).





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